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Marquis A. Crews

Atlantic Regional Director

[email protected]

February 3, 2018

Fellowmen of the Atlantic Region,

Imagine an army of smooth, suave, and debonair men setting an example for the young on how to build and sustain quality lives. Imagine the power of brotherhood alleviating the ills of society bearing down on this generation. Imagine the strength of unity being exhibited in our communities to buffer those that want to harm our people.

I greet you as The Atlantic Region's newly elected Director with great humbleness and hope. Our region has historically been a staple in our great organization, and with your help, we will continue this great legacy. The path that we’ve all chosen in Groove Phi land has given us an opportunity to serve our communities with the principles established by our 14 honorable founders. Each day we must strive for excellence in the name of Groove to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood and continue to be that “everlasting light” that illuminated the path for the next generation of black men.

As we prepare for the 2018 National Conclave that is being hosted by the New England Region, I ask each of you to rededicate yourselves to this organization and the Constitution that binds us. In these turbulent times, we must fortify our organization structurally and financially. We must be proactive in the initiatives that we embark on as well as conduct ourselves with the highest of ethical standards.

During my term, I would like each chapter and member to focus on the service that we are providing to our communities. Through service, we will be able to put our purpose in action and lead by example.

The time for us is now, but each of us has to make this choice on our own. As Regional Director, I pledge to be there in the trenches as we fight these battles, together. I pledge to represent our organization at the ultimate levels. I pledge to give Groove Phi Groove my all and in return, I challenge each of us to do the same. I challenge us to bring something to the table. I challenge us to become active members, as described in our constitution. I challenge us to make a difference in our communities.

In brotherhood and faith,

Marquis A. Crews

Regional Director,

Atlantic Region

Groove Phi Groove, SFI

Atlantic Regional Meeting - February 3, 2018

Durham, North Carolina